Wooden Log Store With Tool Shed


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Wooden Log Store With Tool Shed

The wooden log store with a tool shed combines functionality and style in your outdoor space. Standing at 1810mm in height, with a width of 1900mm and a depth of 750mm, this log store ensures efficient firewood storage and convenient access to your tools. Beyond its practicality, this storage solution boasts a unique design, enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor area.

Crafted from high-quality wood and treated using the pressure method, it meets high standards of longevity and environmental friendliness. The option to choose between a standard or inverse roof allows for personal expression of preferences and style.

The construction of the log store’s roof and side panels utilizes high-quality feather-edge boards.

The frame is made from sturdy, pressure-treated timber, and customers can opt for solid or slatted back panels.

Slatted back panels promote effective air circulation, and the incorporation of 22mm x 100mm pressure-treated wood enhances overall robustness.

Additionally, the log store features an elevated base with lattice work, fostering better ventilation and protection against ground moisture.

Customers can choose between solid or slatted back panels based on their preferences. It is also possible to order additional doors for the firewood storage shed.

The approximate external dimensions are as follows:

  • Height – 1810mm
  • Width – 1900mm
  • Depth – 750mm
  • Depth including roof overhang – 810mm.

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Additional information

Door Qty

0, 1


Yes, No

Back Panel Option

Slatted panel, Solid panel


Brown, Light green

Sides / Roof Config

Forward sloping roof, Reversed sloping roof


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